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A simple, safe, and inexpensive way to acquire timeshare units.  We are a Cape Cod law firm that focuses on foreclosing on timeshare units.  You can either purchase a unit at one of our auctions, or buy a unit directly from us, usually for a fraction of retail. 


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EDGEWATER RESORT, Dennis,   January 16th, 5pm

COVE AT YARMOUTH, Yarmouth MA,   Summer 2020

SEA MIST RESORT, Mashpee MA,   Spring 2020

HARBOR LANDINGS RESORT, Martha's Vineyard MA,   Spring 2020

VILLAGE OF LOON MTN, Lincoln NH, Spring 2020

THE RIVERVIEW RESORT, Yarmouth MA,  Spring 2020

CAPE COD HOLIDAY ESTATES, Mashpee,   Spring 2020

THE HARWICHPORT RESORT CLUB, Harwichport MA,  Spring 2020

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Why buy from Cape and
Islands Timeshare?
Cape and Islands Timeshare is the marketing site for East Sandwich attorney Tom Coniaris.  Tom uses this site to sell the units that are left over after they conduct a timeshare foreclosure auction.  Over the past ten years, we have conveyed thousands of timeshare units to new owners.  When you buy at auction or from our site you are dealing with a licensed Massachusetts attorney with years of timeshare experience.  We can handle the whole transaction for you including preparing the paperwork, the closing, and recording the deed.

Why buy a Timeshare?
To get more vacation for less money. If you like to go to the Cape or the Islands every year, by buying a unit at our auction(usually from $300 to $3000) you only pay the yearly maintenance fee. So you get at least a suite, in an upscale resort, for usually $80 to $100 a night (yearly maintenance, usually @$500-$700 fee divided by 7). Hotel rooms on Cape Cod during the summer at good (3 star) resorts cost around $300 per night. With a timeshare you get space, a living and dining area and a kitchen or kitchenette and save $200 per night off the cost of a bed and mini fridge only hotel room (that's $1400, per week,and no tax). Since most of our peak summer weeks sell at auction for $1000 to$3000 that's only 2 or 3 years before you save the entire purchase price. We also have spring, fall, and winter vacation weeks that usually sell for $300 to $1000.
Can I buy a unit today without
waiting for an Auction?

Yes, we do directly market units at some resorts, all at a fraction of retail.  A good variety of units is usually available. 

Call or email us to see if we have the unit you want. 

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Buying at Auction

The auction is required under Massachusetts timeshare foreclosure law and usually offers you the best selection and also the best price.  The starting bid is often set at 20% of the current retail price for the unit. 

For more info click above on "Auction FAQ” and "Auction Terms"

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Can you sell our unit?
Sorry no, we only sell foreclosed timeshare.