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Timeshare Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

How much do timeshare units cost at the auction?

Most of the units we auction originally sold for between $7,000 to $18,000.  But with us prime summer  weeks usually sell for between $1000 and $4000 and spring, fall, and winter vacation weeks usually sell for $1 to $1000 depending on the resort and type of unit.  Every auction and resort is different and some might sell for a lot more or a lot less. Closing costs are between $299 and $499.

Why buy a timeshare?

To get more vacation for less money, By investing a little money buying your own unit you get to enjoy better vacations for less money for years to come.  If you like to go to the Cape or the Islands every year, by buying a unit at our auction (usually from $1 to $3000) you only pay the yearly maintenance fee. So you get at least a suite, in an upscale resort, for usually $60 to $85 a night(yearly maintenance fee, usually $400-$600 divided by 7). Hotel rooms on Cape Cod during the summer at good (3 star) resorts can cost $300 per night. With a timeshare you get more space, a living and dining area and a kitchen or kitchenette and save up to $200 per night off the cost of a bed and mini fridge only hotel room (that's $1400, per week, and no room tax). Since most of our peak summer weeks sell at auction for $1000 to $3000 that's only 1 or 2 years before you save the entire purchase price.

What is a timeshare foreclosure auction?

When owners stop paying their maintenance fees, the Resort is allowed by law to foreclose on their units.  The foreclosure process requires a public auction, where the units are sold to the highest bidder.

Are any other Auction coming up?

Yes, if you sign up for Auction Alert I will email you when we are having an auction

What is the process?

You come on the day of the auction and register, you are given a number and once the auction starts you bid on any units you want.  If you are the high bidder you pay for the unit with cash, check or a credit card, and we mail you the recorded deed in about 30 days.

Can I look over the resort before I bid?

Not a problem, just come 1/2 hour before the auction start and you will be given a full tour of the resort and the units.  We also sometimes have units available at a discounted rate so you can explore the resort before the auction.  Call us to make a reservation.

What is a float week?

A float week gives you a choice of weeks within a period of months, you choose the week you want and reserve it every year, it can be the same week every year or a different one, its up to you.

Before the Auction?

If you are interested in a unit you should check the list of units and decide on the ones you are most interested in, and also decide what your maximum bid will be.

Do I have to go to the Auction?-

You do not have to attend; you can bid by filling out the proxy form.

How much will they sell for?

You never know until the auction, many times they sell at the reserve price.

How do I pay?

We do not offer financing but we accept cash, check or credit card.

Are these units deeded?

Most unit are deeded, but we will tell you if they are timeshare licenses,

How do the exchange programs and RCI Points work?

Sorry we do not get involved in that, we just auction the units. You will have to discuss that with the resort.